Time to Talk Day 2019

Time to Talk Day 2019

It’s Time to Talk Day on Thursday 7 February and the Student Support Team want to share the message that it’s good to talk about mental health and there are lots of reasons why.

Throughout the day, the Student Support Team are running an informal event where all students are welcome to come along to the Student Support Hub and grab a tea or coffee, and pick up a FREE travel mug. 

Let’s tackle the stigma together to create a campus culture where talking about mental health is something we all feel confident to do.

One in four people experience mental health problems in their lives. Therefore, if you haven’t been directly affected, you will know someone who has mental health problems. You don’t need to go through it alone!


Benefits of talking

1. Talking with someone gives you a chance to process your feelings and can help you reach solutions.

2. Sharing how you feel with someone impartial rather than a friend or family member can help you be able to be totally honest with how you feel, and you won’t have to worry about being judged.


3. It gives you a chance to gain perspective on situations.

4. Getting out what’s on your mind can help to release tension and emotional pain.

5. You can gain support from others.

6. Learning to share how you feel can be a rewarding process and can help you learn how to process your feelings.


7. Sharing the mental load can be cathartic, providing psychological relief.

8. Allowing someone to listen to you can break down barriers.

9. Visiting the Student Support Hub can help you build friendships. You are not alone.

10. Anything said to a member of the Student Support Team is confidential, unless there is a legitimate risk to your safety or they are legally obliged – this is very rare. The Support Team are primarily there to provide you with a comprehensive confidential support service.

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