UHI Stage Night Thursday 2 May 

UHI Stage Night Thursday 2 May 

With the first UHI Stage Night fast approaching, we caught up with the organiser – Perth College UHI HNC Sound Production student, Andrew Sinclair - who shares his enthusiasm for the event.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Andrew Sinclair and I'm student in the first year of the Sound Production course. I'm lucky enough to have been around (yeah, I'm a mature student); played in bands; organised events (big and small); and generally got life experience before retiring and coming back to study. I've never been a musician, nor a sound guy, though. Music has been a lifelong interest, but only as an amateur. 

Do you enjoy studying at Perth College UHI?

Coming to Perth College UHI has been excellent so far! The facilities in the Goodlyburn building are amazing. Way beyond what you could hope to find outside the college - without spending a lot of money on studio time. One thing I found surprising, was that there aren't any musical sessions here. There's a ton of talented musicians, a load of first class gear, a theatre and a stage – we could do so much more!  

Where did you get the idea for UHI Stage Night, and how did it come about?

I've been lucky to have taken part and organised jam/music showcase sessions locally, and in other places where I've been working throughout my life. UHI Stage Night is loosely based on what I've seen locally - in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, New York and all over the place. Music brings people together, no matter where they are. So, this is what's behind the idea of UHI Stage Night.  It's to get people together, to make music.  It's certainly not about being perfect, no one cares if there's an Ab where there should have been an A - just get up and play. Yep, it's scary at times - I still get nervous. Even playing at the blues jams in Green Room, but nothing improves your abilities as a musician more than playing live with other people. From a selfish perspective, I'll get to play with the fabulous Public Address (PA) system in the Goodlyburn Theatre for real!  (Remember to always be nice to your sound guy.... he can ruin your gig!)  

Who is the event aimed at and how can people register to perform? 

So, with 1 week to go, what do we need? We'll have the bar (very important), we'll have the PA system, and the lights - what we need, is YOU!

We don't care if you want to play some dark-metal or hard rock, we don't care if you want to sing traditional folk songs - just come, and play, and meet others whom you might not have met before. Playing on that stage, with that PA and lights, will be so much better than any pub gig.  

Contact myself if you are interested in performing. You can find my details here.

How much are the tickets?

Oh, did I mention, it's entirely FREE!

The first event is on Thursday 2 May. What are the future aims for UHI Stage Night?

This one is really important because it's the first, if it’s a success, then we'll do it again every month during term times.  

All I ask, is that you go to the Facebook page and let us know that you're planning to come. It really takes away (some of) the stress of organising this if we know that there's people coming to play and listen. We've got a house band of some of the music lecturers, so if you just want to sing a song, let us know and we'll put the band together for you. Likewise, if you just need a bass player or drummer, just let us know. Leave a post on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages - letting us know what you need - and someone else can volunteer to help you.  

None of this could have happened without the support, and help, from staff here at Perth College UHI - particularly Nick Green and Jason Wotherspoon, both of whom have been completely supportive. Also, the support from all my classmates - but particularly Leah Brown who’s helped with all the graphics and the communications. Lastly, all of you! The folk whose classes I’ve been to, to explain the idea - you’re what it’s all about!  

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