Staff Spotlight – Domini Grant

Staff Spotlight – Domini Grant

Domini lives in Falkirk with her husband and two children. She started working at Perth College UHI as a supply lecturer and then became a permanent member of staff within the Health, Social Care and Early Education department in 2010.

Can you tell us a little bit about the work that you do?

I teach on all FE (Further Education) levels in Early Education. I developed the Next Steps to Learning course before it moved departments which was a challenging, yet very rewarding time. I teach First Aid for both Childcare and Health and Social Care areas, as well as for the Beauty Therapy students. I try to make this as interactive and fun as possible. I teach the HNC Childhood Practice course and have been the PAT (Personal Academic Tutor) for the last two years. I am developing new qualifications for Forest Kindergarten, which combines my love for the outdoors and promoting outdoor play for children and young people. Due to past experiences of working with young people, I decided to do my Mental Health First Aid and Applied Suicide skills training. I did this to ensure that I can offer the best support I can to those who experience mental health issues within their daily lives. I am passionate about bringing the best experiences to my teaching and learning. I find that combining practical with theory develops a mindfulness approach to the classroom. This has essentially provided more enriching experiences for the students.

What might people be surprised to know about you?

I used to be part of a mountain rescue team. I have also volunteered in working alongside young people in outdoor activities to offer emotional and wellbeing support for those in crisis. I also found that I have a creative side and now make cards which are a little different. I find this to be a very therapeutic hobby along with my hill running which allows me to have my work/life balance through stressful periods.

What’s your favourite type of food?

Simply anything with coleslaw, and Thai food.

Favourite holiday destination? 

I love the Scottish Highlands! I have a motorhome and I’ve travelled all over Scotland. It is the most amazing country with so much diversity, and I am still finding new places to walk and run.

If you were a super-hero what type of powers would you have?

If I had a super power, it would be to read minds. I could then support students quicker when they are lacking in confidence. 

First thing you would do if you won £1 million?

If I won, in two years’ time, I would like to take all my family on a holiday to celebrate the end of my grandson’s treatment for Leukaemia.   

What is the best advice you have ever received and who did it come from?

The best advice I ever had was: “Life is like a bumpy road and sometimes the bumps are higher than others. If you get over these bumps, you will manage to deal with the challenges that come along.” That came from my late grandmother.

Happiest memory?

My students surprising me on my 50th birthday was a lovely memory. My happiest memory from my life was sitting on a remote beach around a fire toasting marshmallows with my family. Though I have many memories each equally as a happy moment in time and too many to choose from, I would like to share the most profound moment for me was standing at the foot of a glacier in Norway. There was no one around except myself and my husband. It was -30C and all you could hear was the creaking and cracking of the ice as it moved under our feet. The colours were astonishing and I felt in awe of my surroundings. That was 25 years ago and that feeling has never left me.

And the most embarrassing memory?

I used to be in an amateur operatic society and on one occasion I was doing a Hawaiian song on stage with a grass skirt on and it fell down in front of the whole audience in the Falkirk Theatre. I just kept dancing in my underwear.

What’s the best part of your job?

Seeing my students achieve their goals and helping them towards their future careers.


Early Years and Childcare is a growth industry requiring new and talented people to enter the workforce. Perth College UHI is delighted to be offering a range of relevant and registrable qualifications for those wishing to work in this exciting and important sector.

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