10 tips to become more active

10 tips to become more active

Do you need some motivation to continue with your ‘new year, new you’ goals? There are so many ways to incorporate physical activity into daily routines. Simply moving more and sitting less is the best and most achievable place to start.

Here’s Mandy Macdonald, Lead Health and Fitness Instructor at the Academy of Sport and Wellbeing with top 10 tips to become more active:



1. Have fun
and enjoy it!

This, for me, is key. Doing something you enjoy makes the whole exercise thing much easier and more enjoyable. Find something you like and go for it. Chances are you’ll be more likely to stick to it!


2. Mix it up

Sometimes routine is good but, when it comes to exercise, keeping it fresh might help keep it interesting. Mix it up and try something new, you might find a new sport or hobby that you really enjoy!


3. Start easy
and achievable

Exercise doesn’t need to be intense to provide benefits. Start easy and very gradually work your way up.


4. Allow exercise
to slot easily into your routine

Before you know it, it will become part of your lifestyle.


5. Set bitesize goals or challenges to keep yourself motivated

Making very small increases over a longer period of time will encourage long term progress, whatever your fitness level or ability- this applies to every single person, no matter what stage of fitness you’re at.


6. Make it social

Taking part with others and meeting new people can make exercising much more fun and lead to new friendships and adventures. It might help keep you and others motivated too!


7. Find your motivation

Do it for you and don’t forget to take a step back and recognise how far you’ve come!


8. Don’t be afraid
to step out of your comfort zone

This is where the magic happens. When you feel like giving it a miss, grab it and go for it!


9. Make sure to
rest and get a good night’s sleep

Your body needs rest to repair, make sure you allow time for recovery. Introducing more physical activity might just help you sleep better too.


10. Recognise
how you feel

Exercise can help promote positive thoughts, mood, increase productivity, concentration and much, much more. Recognising the impact will help keep you motivated and remind you why to keep it going!

The Academy of Sport and Wellbeing provides a personal and individualised approach to exercise. Fitness classes are full of options for all fitness levels and abilities with an emphasis on fun to make squeezing in physical activity and exercise enjoyable.

Not sure where to start or looking for a bit of advice? Get in touch with our friendly and supportive team. Pop down for your free trial anytime! Check out our website for more details.

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