A day in the life of a Sport and Fitness Student

A day in the life of a Sport and Fitness Student

My name is Lewis Melloy and I am currently studying BSc (Hons) Sport and Fitness. This is my 4th year at studying at Perth College UHI, having previously studied the HNC and HND Coaching and Developing Sport (Indoor) and BSc Sport and Fitness. In addition to studying, I am one of the Sport and Fitness Ambassadors for the department and am currently in my second year in this post.


 What is a typical day at college like?

I have a slightly different day to other students as I am only on the Campus for 4 hours per week (2 hours on a Tuesday and 2 hours on a Friday), however this is about to change with semester 2 approaching. Given I am studying the degree course, these times on campus are common and, as a result, there is around 140 hours of self-directed study. This includes: research, readings, homework, assessments and class tasks.

A typical day for me on campus is to get up, walk my dogs and have my breakfast. I then head into college for around 10am with the class of the day running between 11am and 1pm. Between 10am and 11am, we all meet as a class (there are only 4 of us on this course) and have a discussion about homework; last week’s presentation; or anything that we are discussing during today’s class. The class is then between 11am and 13pm - it is very relaxed and is primarily a PowerPoint presentation which includes a lot of discussion, thoughts and opinions on the subject. Following the end of the class, my college day is done so I head home and grab some lunch before studying for a further 3 or so hours continuing with any pre-class tasks; assessments; and readings that are relevant to my course.

I have various part time jobs which include: working at McDiarmid Park on Matchdays; working for Live Active Leisure in various roles at various sites; and as a qualified SFA Futsal and Football Referee. All of my part time work fits around my studies and does not affect my college work. This helps me massively in ensuring all my assessments and college related work meets the deadlines set, and provides valuable work experience for my CV.


 What does the Sport and Fitness Ambassador Role involve?

The Perth College UHI Sport and Fitness department created this “Ambassador Role” at the start of the 2017/18 academic year and I was lucky enough to be chosen as an Ambassador of the Sport and Fitness Department. This role fits around my college timetable and primarily focuses around ASW event support; marketing support (open days, school visits etc); acting as a Team Liaison Officer; promoting student sport opportunities; and creating student sport and wellbeing opportunities. This academic year has primarily focused on planning our “Happy Perth, Healthy You” event - which will take place in January 2019.


Have you enjoyed studying at Perth College UHI?

Yes I have - thanks to the support received from the lecturers; the supportive materials provided during class and on blackboard; as well as the whole Sport and Fitness Lecturer team supporting students in every way possible. The support from lecturers is first class - they have an open-door policy and are quick to respond to emails when there are any issues with either the course or personally. Finally, all lecturers have a great relationship with all students and can always have a laugh with them which makes the time at college even better.

 What is your advice to students thinking of applying to Perth College UHI?

I would highly recommend it as the support from the lecturers is first class, and so are the supportive materials provided. College is your responsibility and therefore, you are not chased about handing in your assessments or homework. I would recommend being organised and make sure have everything you need for college (ie laptop, pens, notebooks etc). As long as you get on with the work, it will be a really relaxing time and you will enjoy yourself. In the Academy of Sport and Wellbeing, Perth College UHI has the most up to date facilities - with the best equipment needed to study a sport and fitness course. The lecturers are always there to support you in any way possible and they have an extremely good relationship with students, as well as being involved in activities. The classroom aspects are always relaxed so you can have a good laugh with lecturers, but at the same time as learning. Thanks to the new Academy of Sport and Wellbeing; the support that you can receive from lecturers; and the excellent relationship between lecturers and students – in my view, this is one of the best universities in the Highlands and Islands and I would recommend it to any students thinking of attending college or university.

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